What is Microdermabrasion:
Microdermabrasion is a new, painless cosmetic treatment that provides an alternative to the discomfort and risk of traditional cosmetic dermabrasion, chemical peeling or cosmetic surgeries. 

Microdermabrasion, sometimes called Lunch Time Peel, is a non invasive, gentle process of "sand blasting" across the skin with inert crystals to remove surface facial lines,wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation.

This procedure enables the dead cells to be abraded and then whisked away by vacuum suction. New skin growth is subsequently stimulated, leaving your skin smoother, brighter, firmer and with a course of treatments, blemish free. 

The microdermabrasion process, first developed 15 years ago, has since been fully researched and tested by the European medical profession and is now being administered in full safety in the comfort of progressive medical and cosmetic practices. 

ClairDerm Difference:

Treatment feelings: 
The procedure is perfectly hygienic, painless and safe. It is an in and out procedure sometimes referred as lunch time peel because the procedure can be suited to the patient special concerns and does not require immobilisation. 

For treatments experienced during working hours the patient can even apply make up after the treatment. Depending on the skin problems to be treated, the level of exfoliation can be adjusted so that the treatment is pleasant or tolerable. A slight redness will fade within one to twenty four hours depending on the strength of the treatment chosen by the patient in consultation with the practitioner. 

The benefits are multiple and the results outstanding. 

  • Gentle exfoliation for tired dull skin 

  • Congested skin with open pores and comedones 

  • Acne prone skin 

  • Deeper frown lines and lip lines 

  • Pigmentations 

  • Stretch marks 

  • Sun damaged skin 

  • Pitting from acne Scar blending and improvement 

  • Ageing hands 

  • Skin blemishes from ingrown hair 

  • Blackheads, unclear complexion 

Special added benefits:

  • Immediate visible results 

  • It gives youth brilliance and tonicity to a dull and stressed looking skin 

  • It increases micro circulation bringing nutrients to the skin 

  • Improves the appearance of all imperfections 

  • Increases 4 to 5 times the penetration of serums and creams 


Programs and maintenance: 
Benefits will be visible after one treatment, however a program will be advised depending on skin conditions and goals that the patient wants to achieve. 

The microdermabrasion technique is not an overnight fix for skin problems but a gradual removal process of dead skin and imperfections with the promotion of healthy new skin. 

Once you have attained your goal, a monthly maintenance is recommended. 

Patients with no major concerns will also greatly benefit from the procedure. Their skin will be brighter, firmer, clearer and healthier.