B.E.A.M™ / Applications



Smoother, tighter looking skin
Over 80 percent of women report they suffer from cellulite. The market is growing for safe, affordable and convenient cellulite solutions. B.E.A.M™ gives you the opportunity to fill this unmet need. B.E.A.M™ is a safe, non-invasive and effective treatment for the appearance of cellulite. It targets the muscles underneath the fatty tissue with individualized pulses programmed for each body site. By stimulating repeated muscle contractions, blood circulation  and lymphatic drainage are increased, and the muscle under the fat is tightened. The tighter and more defined muscle coupled with the increased circulation, reduces the appearance of the dimples associated with cellulite. B.E.A.M™ is so effective; results are visible after the very first treatment. With B.E.A.M™ your clients will be thrilled with their new look and have the time to enjoy it.


Circumferential Reduction

Lose up to 4 cm in just one treatment
Body shaping is an exploding market with untapped potential. Clients want smaller waists and they want to see results today. B.E.A.M™ technology gives them the result they want and expect. B.E.A.M™ is a safe and effective method to reduce abdominal circumference, often up to 4 cm in a single treatment session. B.E.A.M™ technology sends individually synchronized pulses into the abdominal muscles causing the muscle fibers to  contract and restructure. The newly formed muscle mass is pushed into the naturally occurring internal space of the abdomen, leaving it tighter, smaller and more defined.
Safely reduce abdominal circumference with B.E.A.M™ and take advantage of this growing market potential.


Body Contouring

The ideal body in minutes
Body shaping treatments are in demand and B.E.A.M™ can help you fill this growing need. B.E.A.M™ is a safe, effective and non-invasive body contouring treatment with immediate results. B.E.A.M™ uses the body’s natural muscle building impulse to increase muscle mass in specific muscles and muscle groups. B.E.A.M™ directly stimulates the muscle to contract or tighten. The tightened muscles restructure to create a stronger muscle mass. B.E.A.M™ shapes and contours the body by building the muscle where the client wants.

Effective for multiple treatment areas:

  • Thigh

  • Outer Thigh & Hip

  • Chest

  • Abdomen

  • Upper & Lower Arms


 Face Lifting and Tightening

Consistently and confidently give your clients the face lift they want immediately, without the pain, downtime and expense of surgery. B.E.A.M™ is a new non-surgical, non-invasive, no downtime procedure that lifts and tones facial muscles for smoother, younger looking skin. The skin and muscles of the face are structured differently than other places on the body. One side of the facial muscles is connected to the bone and the other to the skin. As the muscle deteriorates through age the attached facial skin loses it elasticity. Loss of elasticity causes the skin to sag and wrinkle. B.E.A.M™ stimulates and activates these normally unused muscles. By sending individualized pulses into the muscles, they contract and tighten, immediately lifting and smoothing the skin and building collagen. Your clients will love their younger fresher looking skin from the very first session.


Skin Tightening

Fighting the war against gravity is a hard battle that current market solutions cannot easily satisfy. B.E.A.M™ offers you a new and effective way to tighten and smooth away wrinkles and loose skin all over the body. B.E.A.M™ is a non-invasive, no down time treatment that produces immediate results. B.E.A.M™ stimulates and activates the muscles with individually synchronized pulses. The muscles respond to these signals by expanding and restructuring. By building up the muscles underneath the skin, the skin becomes tighter, smoother and firmer. With B.E.A.M™, your client can have tighter, younger looking skin almost anywhere they want.


 Breast and Buttocks Lifting

B.E.A.M™ delivers immediate visible results for breast and buttocks lifting without pain or inconvenience. With its unique probes B.E.A.M™ targets the muscles beneath the breasts or buttocks, stimulating and activating them to contract and tighten. As the muscles tighten they restructure and new muscle mass causes the surrounding tissue and skin to become tighter and more defined.
Take advantage of this break in the market and give your clients the results they want today.