Non Surgical Face Lift & Body Sculpting


Ultrasound has been in use for decades for medical diagnostics (e.g fetal scans, abdominal

scans) and medical therapeutics (e.g shockwave for destroying kidney stones).


Biotec Italia’s research scientists have developed DDT robotic technology to deliver the energy deep into the skin, there where is needed, allowing tightening, improving wrinkles and the visible signs of aging and helping with body contouring.


One procedure is sufficient to appreciate a visible lifting effect, which is lasting and without risks of complications such as burning and/or hyper pigmentation often associated with Laser and RF procedures.


In DDT used for cosmetic improvements, ultrasound beams are focused on a small region to be treated, and deposit significant energy at the focus, where local temperature rises at 65° and over, causing thermal damage.


The very small focus beam is delivered at the depth of millimetres in the tissue, with the beam having a characteristic "cigar" shape in the focal zone, where the beam is longer than it is wide, along the transducer axis.


Tissue damage occurs as a function of both the temperature to which the tissue is heated and how long the tissue is exposed to this heat level, in a metric referred to as "thermal dose". By focusing at more than one place or by scanning the focus, a volume can be thermally ablated. The thermal coagulation zones created by the ultrasonic energy, delivered to the targeted area, results in tissue contraction as well as collagen denaturation and neocollagenesis, ultimately tightening and lifting the skin.

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